Why WordPress & Fediverse?

My double Obsessions

I discovered the internet in 1998 and retired in 1993. Having time on my hands I began to have an interest in putting stuff  “out there” myself. First I learned you need a “web host” to do that. Now I’m a VERY thrifty guy and discovered there are FREE web hosts [today there are very few free ones that are any good] and x10hosts is an excellent one. I still maintain a free one for testing etc but because I’m doing “bigger” things I have a premium x10 account ($59 a year).  I tried learning how to create a web page and other thingees  and found I’m just not very good as such things.  But in 2005 I discovered WordPress(WP)[free]. What a revelation! One click installation on free or paid web hosts. Hundreds of themes, hundreds of plugins all free. You can create VERY functional, very nice looking, very professional looking  just clicking buttons.

Over the years I’ve decided to embark on scores of creative projects. After hours/days of frustration I’d remember WP and sure nuff in no time I’d find a theme (first very important step) install it, add some plugins and VIOLA there was what I wanted in the first place, more impressive than I had originally envisioned. For example a friend wanted a web site for his business and asked me could I build one. I tried dis I tried dat then I asked myself could I do it with WP? Surely not this is too complicated. So looked into it and within days created  Old South Trading Post  . Pretty good for an old doofus, I think. It cost me – nothing. It costs him – $59 a year to x10 and he picks up the lunch tab every week. I maintain and update in minutes every time there is a change. It was built and maintained from the site WP admin panel. So, yeah, I’m more than impressed with WP, I’m obsessed.

Then came a double obsession.  I discovered facebook (yuck) when it first appeared and soon dismissed it as a great idea but totally unacceptable as a vehicle to exchange ideas and dialog with others. Later it was found (like twitter -double yuck) to be a pirate and  privacy monster. Soon after I found that there was a network of individually  owned, created, and presented instances of social media sites that were totally non revenue generating, without advertising, non user data collecting/distributing, https secure, etc. While there are wacko/sickos everywhere they are FAR less present on these instances(sites). These instances are interconnected so that postings on any are available on all thereby GREATLY increasing the potential audience for your thoughts and opinions. Mastodon and Diaspora are the big one ones. There are others at Friendica, Pleroma, Hubzilla and others. These are all federated and collectively known as the Federation or more commonly the Fediverse.

I am now deeply involved in the Fediverse but still deeply committed to WordPress. Surely you could find a way to integrate a WP site into the Fediverse. This site has been created to do so. It is a work in progress. It is now a functioning instance among the more than 6,000 fediverse sites. It’ll get better as time goes on.

Site specs (all free):
WP theme: Guakingo
Essential Plugins: ActivityPub, Advanced Excerpt, Mastodon Autopost, WP to diaspora*
It’s posts are sent to all others in the Federation due to the ActivityPub plugin if they list it as a “contact”