Politics Politics Politics Sheesch!

For the record I’m a lifetime Democrat. A Harry Truman Democrat however.

The Democrats were founded as and were till lately a party of the working class. Strongly promoting individual liberty.

It has become a party whose leadership is dominated by elites and the progressive wealthy repressive of individual rights except the rights of designated groups. All others (especially dissenters) are considered trash, deplorable, unworthy. They have become totally lawless. If they want open borders don’t just ignore the law encourage breaking it. Anything goes to reach their objectives. They have to tear it down before they can rebuild it to their specifications. They will never give up never give in. They can only be defeated by voting them to irrelevance.

The Republicans mostly go along to get along. A foolhardy exercise because they are considered dissenters. You can’t get along with today’s Democrat leadership unless you agree with them.

Then there is the “deep state” : the permanent bureaucracy, the lobbyists, the intellectual cabal, higher education, the media. They are probably the most influential and effective group in American politics.

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