Day: October 29, 2019

Who is REALLY running America?

For a long time, probably back to the early days,  the employees of the bureaus have had a great impact on the way our government  operated.  Over time they became, what we call, bureaucrats as it became clear to thinking Americans that they  pretty much did things and made things happen much as they chose. They were a relatively substantial but mostly innocuous  influence on our daily lives.
But beginning in the 1960’s things began to change. Lobbyists learned that they could help to meet their clients expectations communicating and influencing the  bureaucrats. The bureaucrats acted to increase their influence on government operations to increase their new found elevated status with the lobbyists.
This was the beginning of the “establishment” (elected officials, their staffs, the bureaucrats, and the lobbyists).
Observing this growing influence the media joined the fray.  They too having observed the power of the lobbyists wanted a piece of the… Read the rest